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This app literally pays you just for walking


What if you could download an app and just by having your smartphone in your pocket you could earn money? That was probably what the founders of Sweatcoin thought of when making this app. Now it’s actually a thing and you can download the app today (link at the buttom of this page). All you have to do is to install it, sign up and start walking! Okay, it’s maybe not that easy. So...

Five Quick Tips At Mastering Running


Of all the available kinds of exercise out there, running may be the best. Running is a full-body workout that can strengthen your bones and muscles, strengthen your immune system, and reduce your stress levels. And compared to other types of workouts, it’s not as expensive and requires  almost nothing. The only thing you need is a decent pair of running shoes. However, running is by no means...

Learn The Truth About Highly Sensitive People


“You’re so sensitive.” “You need to grow a thicker skin.” “Buck up.” If anyone has ever said anything like this to you before, you know how unhelpful it is to hear. While everyone has a different capacity for handling difficult people or situations, according to Dr. Judith Orloff, some of us may be especially sensitive to other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions: Empaths. Anyone is capable...

This one app will change your life forever


I often check the AppStore for newly arrived apps that can help me simplify my life or improve it somehow else. A recently an app called Fabulous was published and got my attention. For a couple of months ago I switched from a broken Samsung phone to a new iPhone and one of the apps I was missing was Fabulous. I somehow forgot the app, but when I saw it in the AppStore I just went right away and...

The Truth About The Golden Ratio Is About To Be Revealed


The greek letter ‘φ’ (also Φ and ɸ) pronounced ‘fi’ and spelled ‘phi’ is often compared to the other greek letter ‘Π’ (pi), which is also an irrational number. But just like pi has a purpose of defining the circumference of a circle, phi has an important function to define the golden ratio, which we will know a lot more about a little later. The...

This Spotify playlist will make you more creative


We all know that music is great for emotionel releasement. In the film industry many great composers work closely with the instructor of a film to create the certain feeling he or she want the viewer to feel. Because music works as an emotion amplifier. Instead of seeing a film we can use music in our lives to amplify our great emotions, or if we feel sad we can listen to sad music have relief of...

Please, turn off your phone


We have never been more connected than we are now. We can easily get in contact with somebody if needed over social media and we can easily just watch some tv shows if we want to be entertained. But even with all the possibilities with this connected world we still end up separating us from others. Let’s talk about why you sometimes should try to digital disconnect from people and what...

The one things that stops you from getting what you really want


Pornography has never been this huge as it is in 2018 and it is only becoming bigger. NoFap tries to inform people of the bad consequences of watching porn. I’ll try to explain every thing that is worth knowing about NoFap, benefits of NoFap and all the good things that happens when you join the journey of NoFap (preventing PMO). Here is a table of contents: What is porn exactly and what...



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