You've probably heard everyone using this term nearby you, but when I say it, it means something else. Everyday I want to capture the world in a different perspective. A perspective I see it. And in a perspective I want to share to you and everyone else.

Go beyond the botanical
We truly believe that we were meant for each other

Simply beautiful
Live from love

Nature is calling. Are you ready?

I have always been fascinated by nature. In many ways actually. I loved how beautiful it was, but I was also incredibly fascinated by the science behind it all. I have always knew that nature had healing powers and by learning about mediation and mindfullness I was backed by science in what I felt. When I travel and are in nature, that’s the moment when I feel most alive and that’s the whole reason why I started taking photos. It was like something was calling and all I should do was to accept the call.

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