Me as a producer (left) on a news broadcast at school.
Me as a producer (left) on a news broadcast at school.
The setup where I like to edit my videos
The setup where I like to edit my videos
DTU Skylab
I have made a lot of different videos for DTU Skylab. Both for internal and external usage. A lot of the videos are being used on their social media. Here are a few of the videos I have created.
EsaBic Nordic Launchpad
The European Space Agency's incubation centre in the nordics, wanted me to make a short teaser to promote their Nordic Launchpad 2021.
Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Webinar
At DTU Skylab I got contacted by the program managers of the Erasmus project at DTU. They wanted to create a webinar series, which I happily agreed to produce.
Skylab Café / Jespers Torvekøkken
After the expansion of DTU Skylab 3.0, the Skylab Café (Jespers Torvekøkken) wanted a promo video to showcase the new Café.
I was hired to record this flashmob, along with others, happening at Strøget, Denmark.
'Pas på mig'
This short film was directed by me and is about two sisters where one of them takes the mother role and tries to protect the other.
Next Generation Water Action x International Water Association
An event at DTU Skylab hired me as a technical consultant. Here I also created this short video, that shows and promotes the IWA.
Students at Niels Brock in Copenhagen, Denmark, asked me, if I could help producing a video pitch of their idea for an entrepreneur competition. This is the result. 
Københavns Mediegymnasium (Copenhagen Media High School) has a collaboration with TV2 Lorry. Here students at the school, had to produce content for the Danish television channel. This time it became my turn, and I produced this video asking strangers some questions about life etc.
GoTutor Læringsvideoer
Egmont who owns wanted 7 how-to videos.
With some of my best photo buddies we took out an evening to take some shots of a church. While the others were being busy taking photos, I managed to make this short video.
Stardance Studio
Stardance Studio is a Danish dance studio. In spring 2019, they had a show which they wanted me to make a short social media video about. It came out to be like this.
Røde Kors: Rules of War
Egmont in collaboration with Danish Røde Kors was looking for a video editor to create a video learning students about the rules of war etc.
TouchRepair, a repair center for phones etc, asked me to make a short promo for social media usage. 
My nephew came on a visit a weekend. This is a little video of the universe of a child.
Showreel for Jakob Øster
Jakob Øster is an actor. He wanted a showreel he could send to casters that could get him jobs.
Showreel For Gitte Duholm
Gitte Duholm is a danish model/actor and wanted a showreel she could use to showcase herself.
Svendborg Efterskole in Winter
This shows the boarding school, Svendborg Efterskole, in winter.
Musicvideo / Remix
When I was a student at my boarding school, we got an assignment to create a music video with the theme New York. I have recorded and edited the whole video. Remix by Linus Jørgensen.
'Første Gang'
This was my first real short film. It was both directed and edited by me. The short film was sent to Dolly Awards 2018.
Our film crew won an award at TheNextFilmFestival.
Our film crew won an award at TheNextFilmFestival.
Us watching one of our films having premiere.
Us watching one of our films having premiere.

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