Outro for DTU Skylab
DTU skylab needed a new outro they could use in the end of their videos. The requirements was, that it should be simple, and not be longer than 3 seconds.
Pranksters Elite Klub
Metronome Productions wanted some help with photoshopping a boy's face on top of some other boys' bodies to make it look like he have done different stuff. It was used in the series on DR Ultra called Pranksters Elite Klub.
Here you can see what it actually looked like in the tv-program.
Poster for TouchRepair
TouchRepair wanted a big sign (1x2m) outside their store. They needed the graphic to be easy to read from a distance (so you could see if you were driving). 
Librarium Logo
Spotify Playlist Art
Instagram Ads
Talkshow Intro
I know how to make different kinds of graphical material like logos, banners etc. Contact me to find out more!

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